“There is something old-fashioned and sage-like in Walter Howard’s poetic voice. I can imagine him reading from a mountaintop-- with the raging elements a backdrop to his words. Howard is a learned man-- and has been an academic for many years-- but his poetry is in the tradition of a true romantic. He uses nature and emotion to find spiritual truth. He embraces beauty-- with all its allure, but is not afraid to reveal its frightening and dark side as well. Howard uses ample doses of levity to pull the fly down on our most cherished traditions and notions, but in the same token he shows a deep respect and affinity for all the things this world has to offer.” — Doug Holder, Publisher of Ibbetson Street Press

We have re-published Freddy Frankle's first book of poetry. This second edition of Frankle's acclaimed "In a Stone's Hollow" will be treasured by his fans for years to come.

By Molly Mattfield Bennett

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